HyPro’s world-class reputation in the industry is derived from our robust Quality Management System assuring that we provide products and services that meet or exceed our customer’s expectations. HyPro’s multi-site facilities are certified to the ISO 9001:2015 International Standard by DQS thus providing a process approach methodology throughout the organization. Integration of our Quality Management System to our business system provides alignment for continuous improvement of our quality objectives referred to as QUEST.


QUEST provides a framework for our quality objectives thus providing continuous improvement of HyPro’s Quality Management System

HyPro’s Quality Policy is maintained and supported through these QUEST objectives.

Quality of products and service

Utilization of equipment and personnel

Engineering of manufacturing processes

Safety of our team members

Training of our team members

Our team members continually strive to meet or exceed these QUEST objectives, enabling HyPro to work as TeamHyPro.


HyPro is committed to a philosophy of continual improvement in all areas of our business that improves products and services to meet customer requirements and to also meet future needs and expectations. Continual improvements are the results of plans and efforts that give a sense of success and shared purpose which benefit HyPro, our team members, our customers to prevent and reduce undesired effects.


HyPro has (14) Coordinate Measuring Machines throughout the organization. This assures the capacity to dimensionally support the plants (24) hours a day (7) days a week. All CMM’s are automated and supported by software that can provide automated PPAP/statistical data for our customers. Plants are equipped with more than (1) CMM to allow measurement flexibility to support manufacturing.

HyPro has over 25,000 gages, calibrated and traceable to NIST, thus allowing in-process functional capability for critical/significant/safety characteristics on each part.

White room testing capabilities at each plant provides customers with the confidence that we can provide product with supporting data to meet cleanliness requirements. Our coolant recovery and preventive maintenance program is a major contributor to overall cleanliness of product.


HyPro monitors and measures product throughout product realization to analyze and evaluate the results. Statistical data stations at each work cell allows for real time data input and analysis to establish “Certified Processes” throughout the organization. Our statistical software is linked via our intranet to continually improve our processes and support problem solving initiatives. We are also capable of linking this data through integration with our equipment to establish dynamic robust processes.


Our commitment to safety has allowed HyPro to be a benchmark in our industry regarding safety performance. Safety is embedded into HyPro’s culture to assure all our team members are provided a clean, organized and safe work environment.

The alignment of HyPro’s safety program with our Quality Management System provides team members the training to work safely in their everyday tasks. This training not only provides a safety mindset at work, but also with their families.