Gages / CMM Capabilities

HyPro has 17 Coordinate Measuring Machines in the company. This insures HyPro is able to maintain a 24/7 dimensional layout support plan at each facility. All of HyPro CMM(s) are the same brand, enabling common program language flexibility throughout each plant.

Functional gages are employed to insure in-process functional capability for key and critical features on each part. HyPro also employs statistical data-entry stations in various key processes for real time capability data input. This is a first step as HyPro strives to establish “Certified Processes” throughout its organization – a concept of certifying capability at HyPro by process and process type and not only by part number of product type.

HyPro has White Room testing capability for components that require critical internal cleanliness capability. HyPro continue to improve its capability in regards to internal cleanliness via its coolant recovery and its tool maintenance programs.

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