In addition to state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, HyPro realizes that infrastructure must be in place to support the manufacturing process. Our facilities are currently supported by one of the top four business systems available in the world. In addition, we have full EDI and barcoding capabilities, enabling real-time inventory control at all times. Our business systems support our facilities through real-time customer and supplier information, as well as the tools to schedule the manufacturing floor for efficient and cost-effective production. We are able to monitor capacity in twenty-week intervals to ensure our machine and tool capacity always exceeds demand. Because our information systems are a critical integrated element in our manufacturing processes, our servers are all located in a top-of-line data room center. Our Data Center has a raised floor and is cooled by a Liebert HVAC, while a Liebert 20 KVA UPS provides backup power. We also have a Kohler Generator that will provide automatic standby power generation in cases of power loss. The Data Centers’ access is protected by a biometric fingerprint entry system limited and secure access and is equipped with a waterless, gas-based fire suppression system. In addition, all network cabling that connects our remote plants to our data center is enclosed and protected by disaster-proof pipes. To ensure HyPro stays on top of the regular changes in information technology, significant investments are made annually to support this vital link in the organization.