HyPro has considerable assembly experience. Our assembly processes range from simple sub-assemblies to complex product lines. Simple sub-assembly processes utilize machining cycle-time to optimize cost. Complex assembly processes support customer TAKT requirements and range from bench assembly to multi-station assembly processes.

HyPro is able to perform various tests per customer requirements, including electrical continuity, torque, leak test (vacuum and pressure decay), functional, balancing, etc. HyPro employs error proofing processes were ever possible in the assembly process to mitigate the risk of human error. Consider HyPro as your source to provide simple sub-assembly support or to assemble your complex products.

  • Axle Assemblies
  • Gear Box Assemblies
  • Pump and Pump Drive Assemblies
  • Planetary Drives
  • Suspension Frame Assemblies
  • Centrifugal Blower Assemblies
  • Transmission Assemblies
  • Engine Assemblies

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